Listed below are the people who have been generous and far-sighted enough to join our Friends’ Scheme which plays a very important part in the funding of the Festival.  We are very grateful to all of the people who are kind enough to join our ‘Friends’ support group. Their generosity and support is much appreciated by not only the organising Committee, but by the performers and people attending the festival and enjoying the performances.

Mr A Barker
Mrs S Bostock
Mr & Mrs E Chisem
Mrs S Christie
M D Green
Mr & Mrs J M Hampshire
Mr & Mrs D A Hirst
Mr D J Hollingworth
Mrs P M Holmes
Mrs R Hulme
Dr R J Jameson
Mr & Mrs R M Kitchen
Mrs M E Laycock 
Mr & Mrs A J Lee
Mr A Littlewood
Mrs Enid M Lunn
Mrs W Maas
Mrs A Morton
Mrs A Moss
Mr L & Mrs A North
Mrs G Page
Mrs J Preston
Mrs J V Quarmby
Mr & Mrs C M Shaw 
Mr G Stead
Mr A Sugden
Mr G & Mrs C Turton
Mr & Mrs A H Wilkinson
Mrs J K Wootton
Mrs R Watt

Become a Friend and help towards the continuing success of the Mrs Sunderland.  Annual subscription is available in three categories with all receiving a free programme on publication:

Gold    giving at least £100 - free entry for two people to all sessions; two reserved balcony seats for the Gala Concert plus buffet after the performance.(Excludes Musical Workshop Concerts)

Silver    giving at least £50 - free entry for one person to all sessions (including the Young Musician contest); one reserved balcony seat for the Gala Concert. (Excludes Musical Workshop Concerts)

Bronze    giving at least £35 - free entry for one person to all sessions (including the Young Musician contest, but excluding Master Classes, final Saturday sessions, and Musical Workshop Concerts)

To learn more about the Friends’ Scheme and obtain an application/standing order form please contact

Glenis Brown on 01484 603801 or [email protected]


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